Does Bubble Gum Kill Groundhogs? Our Thoughts

by Derrick | Last Updated: February 11, 2022

Groundhogs or “hissing pigs” are rodents that generally do a lot of damage to lawns and gardens. Groundhogs are expert burrowers, evidenced by how extensive, complex and intricate their burrows can be. But beyond this fantastic ability, groundhogs are a pest, as they weaken soil, damage foundations, and injure livestock. Among the methods of extermination of groundhogs, one is quite peculiar: to kill them with bubble gum, is it true?

Some people think that this option is more a fantasy than a reality. However, many testimonies of people who used this method certify that it is effective. They only clarify that to kill a groundhog with bubble gum, you have to do it perfectly and with a lot of patience.

The ability of groundhogs to create a system of tunnels with different chambers, corridors, and countless escape routes is impressive. But let’s not be dazzled by this fascinating ability. We must understand that groundhogs are herbivores, which means they will enjoy eating your plants and destroying your garden. With so many facts at hand, we invite you to continue reading this article to learn more about bubble gum and groundhogs and the different methods that exist to eliminate them.

Knowing A Little More About Groundhogs

The groundhog is an animal that falls under the rodent classification and is related to ground squirrels. They are animals that can weigh between four and nine pounds, but they can weigh up to 31 pounds at maturity. The average life expectancy of groundhogs is six years, but there are cases of zoo-reared groundhogs reaching 14 years of age.

The primary food sources for groundhogs are the vegetation of their environments. They also love to eat grass, plants, nuts, small insects such as larvae, and occasionally they also ingest smaller animals.

Groundhogs dedicate their time to creating subway like tunnel systems with multiple entrances and exit holes. Still, the reality is that they are neither aesthetically pleasing nor beneficial to the grass. The primary function of these tunnels is to provide the groundhog with security when a predator approaches.

The groundhog is a lowland animal that hibernates during the winter months; in fact, the groundhog usually digs a separate hole only for its hibernation period. It is not advisable to kill a groundhog in its burrow during the winter if we understand this fact, as the hole will be completely closed.

When the groundhog wakes up at the beginning of spring, it is ready to dig new tunnels. Any attempt to exterminate them, the best decision is to do it during this season of the year.

You will know when a groundhog is in an alert position when it stands on its hind legs, also a sign that it is protecting itself and other groundhogs. Another curiosity around the groundhog is its nickname of “whistling pigs .”This nickname is because they usually emit a shrill whistle that warns other groundhogs of the presence of imminent danger.

Although marmots are relatively peaceful animals, there are occasions when they can be aggressive and go on the offensive when they feel threatened. Because of this, it is advisable not to approach groundhogs, as it could be dangerous, especially if we consider that they have very sharp claws. Groundhogs understand that everyone is a predator, which is another reason to chase them out of your garden.

Why Does Bubble Gum Kill Groundhogs?

The killing of groundhogs with bubble gum could be effective if someone executes it correctly. Like food placed in rat traps, bubble gum functions as the bait or trap for groundhogs. In this simple trap, the groundhog approaches the gum, and because it loves it, it eats it, and then the rest is waiting with a bit of patience to get the expected result. The gum jams up the entire inside of the groundhog’s organs, causing its death.

The process of setting this gum trap is straightforward to do. Just place some bubble gum inside the holes of the groundhog. The experts also recommend spreading some gum around and outside the hole. By doing it this way, the groundhogs will quickly see it and be encouraged to eat it before they even enter the hole.

So far, it all sounds effortless, but the reality is that groundhogs can take their time to eat the gum. We will usually have to wait a week or more to see any results. Also, the wait is not just about the time the groundhog takes to eat the gum. The wait also has to do with the action time of the gum inside the groundhog’s body. Because of this, people say that this method also requires a lot of patience, since we must give it at least 9 to 10 days to work.

Some Relevant Aspects To Know About The Bubble Gum Method

  • One trick that people use to speed up this process a bit requires you to find some stones. First, fill the holes with plenty of bubble gum.
  • Then, once you are sure that the pet is inside the hole, you should completely plug the entrance and exit with stones.
  • This action should prevent the groundhogs from quickly climbing out of the hole, which will force them to eat anything left inside, such as bubble gum.
  • With this trick, it is almost sure that you will reduce the extermination time by nearly half; this means that in 5 days, we will have eliminated the groundhogs.
  • Remember that you should use 6 to 8 pieces of bubble gums for each groundhog you want to eliminate.
  • One possible reason groundhogs are slow to eat the gum is in the gum itself. Sometimes, there are flavors of gum that they do not like. For these cases, the best thing to do is change the flavor or brand of bubble gum, keep trying, and wait patiently.
  • Many times people are not sure how many groundhogs inhabit a burrow. The facts indicate that a groundhog does not belong to only one burrow; they usually have three to four burrows in their digging area. This continuous movement makes them very mobile and also provides them with security.
  • If you find several caves in the same area, the best option is to place bubble gum on the path leading to the entrance of each burrow. Doing so will stimulate the groundhogs to smell the gum and eat it more easily.

How Can I Keep Groundhogs Out Of My Garden?

After you finally successfully eliminate all groundhogs from your yard, there is still a risk that they may return at some point. If you want to keep groundhogs away for good, you can take some of the following preventative measures.

  • You can build a fence that is at least three feet high.
  • It would help if you sprayed the fence and all perimeters of your property with pepper spray, including the yard.
  • Place dog or cat hair in mesh bags, and then stick them in the ground all around the edge of the fence. It would be best if you also placed garlic or pepper spray everywhere you think groundhogs might enter.
  • As you know, groundhogs hibernate in early October, which means that you could harvest the vegetables from that time on. The objective of doing it this way is that there will be no food available by the time the groundhogs come out of hibernation.
  • Groundhogs do not like exposed environments. Cut back all overgrown foliage and remove accumulated piles of dirt and leaves. With few places to hide, groundhogs will not have the security they need to make their tunnels.
  • Use vibrating devices to shake the ground; this usually scares groundhogs away.

A Final Thought On Killing Groundhogs With Bubble Gum

Of all the methods to eliminate groundhogs, bubble gum is the most straightforward and most economical. You have to keep in mind that it is a method that requires a lot of patience. You may not succeed at the first attempt, or the taste of the gum may not be to the animal’s liking. In any case, it is worth a try because many people, users of this method, attest to its effectiveness.