How To Sleep Peacefully When Cockroaches Are in Your Room

by Derrick | Last Updated: December 8, 2022

Have you been noticing cockroaches on your bedroom walls and floors? Those icky, creepy insects can take away your peaceful sleep just by wandering about. So how to enjoy some snug rest when cockroaches are crawling in your room?

Sleeping peacefully with cockroaches in your room is possible when you have a foolproof plan to eradicate them in place. Their egg casings and odor usually give away their presence. Understanding why they are in your room and where they hide comes in handy in preventing future infestation. 

So to tackle these cockroaches in your room, let us start with why they are there. We will also learn about the steps needed to get rid of them for a safer and cleaner atmosphere. Let us begin! 

Why Are Cockroaches in Your Room?

Cockroaches reside on dirty surfaces. So if they are in your room, chances are there’s trash, dirt, or grime present as well as contaminated surfaces. Messy rooms are the perfect breeding grounds for these annoying insects. 

Therefore, if you frequently spot cockroaches or nymphs in your room, one or more of the following might be the cause:

Your Room Is Damp and Dingy

Dampness and excess moisture in the rooms are perfect for cockroach infestation. Open watery surfaces attract cockroaches looking for a perfectly humid atmosphere to live and breed in. And if your room is dark, it helps the cockroaches to live peacefully and stay hidden from you and . 

You might find them scurrying around through the darkest corners of your room as it helps them navigate without risk. And since these corners do not receive adequate sunlight or air, they remain damp, moisture-laden, and perfect for cockroaches. 

You Have Food Lying Around

If you have leftover food packets and boxes in your room, expect them to attract some cockroaches in no time. These insects have two goals, to survive and breed. And they are not picky eaters. So if you leave out some bread, biscuits, or even food cartons, your room might become a home for the roaches. 

Moreover, cockroaches do not just eat food . They can eat through your books, wooden furniture bits, important papers, etc. So if you have these lying about, ensure they are in safe and dry places. 

Your Outdoors Is Dirty

If you have a messy and disoriented:

You can expect cockroaches to enter your home in no time. 

Unclean outdoors are one of the significant causes of cockroach infestation. You might not have cleaned the gutters for a long time or have been storing empty boxes in your backyard. These are breeding grounds for cockroaches and many other insects. 

So if you have unattended filth in your garage or outdoor areas, consider cleaning this out as soon as possible as they might welcome cockroaches into your room!

How To Remove Cockroaches From Your Room?

To remove existing cockroaches, you must eradicate them and the eggs from your room. After that, you must cockroach-proof your home to avoid further infestation. You can kill or remove them easily if you have the right tools.

Here are a few foolproof methods for getting rid of the cockroaches in your room, enabling you to sleep peacefully without the looming ickiness:

1. Use the Boric Acid Technique

Boric acid is dangerous and can help you instantly kill the cockroaches in your room. All you need to do is create a mix with the acid that “looks” edible. Once this reaches the roaches’ stomachs, it will attack their digestive and nervous systems. All in all, boric acid is a quick and easy solution to eradicating cockroaches. 

First, make this simple mixture:

You can add more depending upon the size of your room and cockroach count. Just make sure all ingredients are in equal amounts before sprinkling the mixture in suspect cockroach-infested areas. 

This solution does not take much time to kill these pesky insects. However, I suggest not sleeping in the same room with the mixture, as you should not inhale it. Sprinkle it across the room, and sleep peacefully, knowing the roaches will be dead by sunrise.

2. Spray Peppermint Oil + Saltwater Mixture

It may surprise you, but most insects hate peppermint’s smell. It is irritating and intolerable for cockroaches and mosquitoes and repels them immediately. Hence a peppermint oil + saltwater mixture can do the trick. To make the solution, 

  1. Mix salt with water for an event blend.
  2. Add 5-7 drops of peppermint oil and mix evenly.
  3. Pour this into a spray bottle for use.
  4. Shake the bottle to blend it all in, and spray it in the target areas in your bedroom. 

Target the dark corners and closed shelves for maximum effect. Doing so will have the roaches fleeing in no time!

Where Will You Find Cockroaches in Your Home?

Any area hidden from your eyes is a place to find a roach habitat in your home. And if you see one, there are more of them hiding around. There is never one cockroach scurrying about, there are always a few more hiding to hunt for food and breed more. 

The following are some places you need to examine for possible cockroach infestation:

Electronic Items

Electronic appliances, such as the:

Can harbor cockroaches if you are not cleaning them properly. These appliances are dark inside and hold a lot of dampness and moisture. Keep in mind that cockroaches thrive under almost all temperatures . So if you open your refrigerator and find a baby cockroach running out, it is time to clean out the contents. 

OTG ovens and microwave ovens, on the other hand, remain warm inside. If you do not clean these appliances regularly, food morsels might be present inside these ovens and they could attract roaches. Hence they are most likely to become potential hiding spots for these insects.


Since bathrooms contain the highest moisture content in the entire house, roaches are likely to enter through here. If you have a bathroom attached to your bedroom and it remains damp throughout the day, the bugs might find it a perfect hiding spot. 

The dampness is mostly found:

The excess moisture retention in these spots encourages roaches and other dangerous insects that carry germs and harmful diseases into your room. Fortunately, keeping your bathroom dry and clean and allowing enough sunlight through the windows helps to keep the pests away.

Your Room’s Furniture

If you have some great furniture pieces in your room, they might be helping to hide those nasty roaches from your sight. Places such as the below are dark and away from sight most of the time:

Roaches can hide behind many objects to ensure they lay their eggs safely. These are also warm bases that help them settle in and spread diseases if you are not careful enough. Thankfully, pest control can help you clean up these messes in no time. 


You can sleep peacefully even with cockroaches in the bedroom if you know where to find them and eradicate them using the right solutions. Sometimes, it is as easy as stomping on them on sight, but cockroaches rarely come out of hiding for their own safety. Try these methods and keep your house clean and dry to keep these pesky insects away!