Are Sticky Mouse Traps Poisonous to Cats?

by Derrick | Last Updated: September 7, 2021

Sticky mouse traps are one of the most common methods when it comes to getting rid of mice. But are these traps poisonous to your feline friend? Keep reading to find out if they are harmful or toxic for cats.

No, but it could be. Sticky mouse traps are not poisonous for cats if they get stuck in their fur. Although they are not toxic for your cat’s skin, they can still cause injuries to them, and if your cat eats it, this can be poisonous.

Aside from what you have seen to the moment, there are more important points that you should know about sticky mouse traps and what they can do to your feline pet. Continue reading below to understand this topic and learn relevant information like how you can remove a sticky mouse trap from your cat’s fur.

Why Are Sticky Mouse Traps Harmful To Cats?

Sticky mouse traps are dangerous for cats. The main reason for this is that these flat pieces of cardboard have a strong coat of tacky glue. This is designed for immobilizing mice and not letting them go. This adhesive but powerful glue sticks to their fur and hurts them. Yet, this can happen to your feline pet too.

As you know, mice are small, and they can fit entirely in the sticky trap. Although cats cannot fit in the glutinous piece, they can get adhered to it. If your cat encounters one or more traps, this can result in a big issue that can put your pet under distress. At the same time, your cat can lose its fur. This is the primary reason why you should stop using too many sticky mouse traps.

Are TomCat Sticky Mouse Traps Poisonous For Cats?

TomCat’s sticky mouse traps are not toxic for cats. They are made with Eugenol, which makes them more adherent to mice skin. At the same time, they do not contain toxic pesticides or any poisonous components. If you opt for buying one of these, you should still keep this trap out of your cat’s reach. As mentioned, TomCat’s are incredibly sticky, which could be harmful to your cat’s fur.

Are Victor Glue Mouse Traps Toxic For Cats?

Like the previous brand, Victor glue mouse traps are designed to catch mice but not kill them with toxic components. This is what makes it a “safe” alternative for your cat at home. Yet, it works like any other mouse trap, making it a threat to your feline pet’s skin. A curious fact about these glue sticky mouse traps is that they come with a light synthetic peanut butter coat, which makes catching mice easier. Artificial peanut butter should not be harmful to your cat either.

How Can I Remove A Sticky Mouse Trap From My Cat?

If you buy sticky mouse traps, your cat can get trapped. If this happens, the situation can be stressful for you and your feline pet. There are some steps that you should follow in a case like this. If you want to know what you could do if a sticky mouse trap gets stuck on your cat’s skin, keep reading this step-by-step guide:

  1. Grab some scissors: This can sound sad to you, but it is the only way to remove the sticky mouse trap safely. You need to be extremely calm and careful while doing this because you can reach too close to your cat’s skin. You only need to cut the affected fur or hair where the trap got stuck. If you think that cutting your cat’s hair at home is too dangerous or you are scared of doing it, you can go to your veterinarian, and they can help you out.
  2. Take care of your cat: You can wrap your feline pet with a towel or a thick sheet because your cat might want to lick the affected area. As you know, some mouse traps can have some dangerous side effects .
  3. Apply some oil: You can use cooking oil. You could also use olive, canola, sunflower, corn oil. Then, start massaging your cat’s hair. After massaging, let the oil penetrate and sit.
  4. Avoid dangerous solutions: Acetone or thinner should not be options. This can be abrasive to your feline pet’s skin.
  5. Use a clean piece of cloth to remove the glue: You will need to rub it until the glue is removed.
  6. Bathe your cat: Yes, this can be difficult because cats are not too fond of water. Yet, you need to clean your cat’s hair with pet shampoo and slightly warm water.
  7. Swaddle your cat again: Your cat will come out of the shower, so wrapping your feline pet is necessary. Drying off your pet will keep it from getting cold.

What Should I Do If I Cannot Remove the Sticky Mouse Trap From My Cat’s Fur?

In this case, you need to contact a professional. You can go to your veterinarian of choice and let them do the hard job. As mentioned before, you need to remain calm because your cat will feel stressed if you are stressed.

Alternatives for Sticky Mouse Traps

As you already know, sticky mouse traps can be cruel for mice and cats. Underneath, you can find some alternatives.

  1. Peppermint oil: Peppermint has a potent smell. Mice do not like this smell . It also works for other bugs or any other insect infestation. In an attempt to reduce the use of sticky mouse traps around cats, this might be a good option.
  2. Humane mouse traps: This type of trap is controlled by an automatic shut-off. At the same time, it tells you when the mouse got captured. One example is the Victor Clean-Kill Mouse Trap. This humane mousetrap is designed for producing a clean kill without toxic components.
  3. Electronic mouse traps: This is probably the best option . It is cat-friendly, and you can get rid of mice without cruel and horrible methods. Yet, this is better used in smaller places with fewer mice infestations.

If you want to avoid using sticky mouse traps around cats, you need to know some tricks that can help you improve your trapping skills. Right below, you will see some of those tips:

  1. Choose the correct trap: As mentioned, sticky mouse traps are not the best options. You can opt to change your trapping systems. You can discuss this with a professional in the area. For instance, you can discuss with them if the new methods are safe for cats.
  2. Keep the traps out of your cat’s reach: Place them in a specific place where your cat does not see them.

Which Is The Best Mouse Trap That Is Safe For Cats?

These options are better around cats because they are not too dangerous, like sticky traps. Some of the best humane mouse traps are:

  1. Victor M2524
  2. Victor M260 multi-kill trap
  3. Victor Pro M250
  4. Mice Cube 4 Pk
  5. Victor Humane Live Mouse Trap
  6. Tomcat Single Catch Live Mouse Trap

How Can I Avoid Mice Infestation?

Follow these tips, tricks, and recommendations if you want to keep your house free of mice infestation :

  1. Be clean
  2. Get rid of any outdoor access
  3. Get rid of outdoor food that can be attractive to mice
  4. Secure your house, eliminate holes


As you might already know, sticky mouse traps can be poisonous for cats if ingested. However, if your cat gets trapped in one of these sticky pieces of cardboard, it shouldn’t be harmful. However, despite the fact that it might not cause a deadly reaction to your cat, you still need to steer clear of this type of mousetrap.